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"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." ~ Red Adair

Money can be an awkward subject matter. Highly experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and super-fast copywriters, editors and brand guardians aren't cheap. I'm the complete package and you truly get what you pay for...

As one of my long-term clients says:
"Having Juliet on my team is like hiring 5 different professionals (plus a cheerleader), but only paying for 1."

My input increases value, integrity & sales, changes perceptions, spreads messages and inspires action & connection. You and your business needs drive everything I do.

Like the majority of senior industry professionals, I tend to quote per hour rather than per project. Why?
Because although I have a good idea how long it will take me to complete what you need,
I'm yet to work with two briefs that are the same.

And I bet my magic Lasso of Truth that I never will... after all, they are as unique as you.

However, just because I'm senior, doesn't mean I won't roll out of bed for less than a pirate's hoard.
I help non-profit start-ups, charities and smaller-budget individuals to flourish and grow too.
And if you need regular support, I will do all that I can to be affordable.



...Tell me about you, where you currently fit in the world and where in the world you want to go,

and I will tailor my quote and my skills specifically to you.


Hiring me includes:

  • Expert, friendly, no-nonsense guidance

  • Up to three beautifully crafted, targeted drafts of your project in the perfect tone of voice

  • A tailored payment schedule and full transparency

I am delighted to also offer the following:


For charities, non-profits and certain private individuals (see option on Quote form).


As my client, if you refer others to me for 5+ hours of work, you become my mini-hero and get an hour of my time for FREE.
(This applies to every successful referral ~ just make sure they mention your name when they contact me.)

Now, simply tell me what you need a superhero for.

I aim to surprise you... in a good way.


*Quotes are in pounds sterling (GBP£).
If you work in euros, dollars, dinars, Flanian Pobble Beads or anything else, please let me know and I can convert for you.

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