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"It takes a lot of bad writing to get a little good writing." ~ Truman Capote

Are you stuck in a literary dark alleyway? Defeated by the dreaded writer's block? Wrestling with a cliched character,
bleeding clumsy dialogue and crushed by notes, drafts, appendices and timelines?

As an experienced, published, award-winning scribe (under mine and various pen names),
leader of writers' workshops, in-demand copywriter and veteran book editor of both fiction and non-fiction,

it's my job to guide you into the light and apply bandages.


Trust me with your ideas, research and draft ~ whether book, film, TV or the back of a drinks mat ~ and I promise you
the loan of my nimble typing fingers, methodical approach and boundless imagination. See
testimonials from fellow writers.
As an ex-IP lawyer, I can also advise you upon - and seek approval and accreditation for - the use of images/clips/quotes/music.


FICTION: Whether it be a Mongolian drama, gothic horror, acerbic comedy about a guitarist or quirky romance set on Pluto,
I will take your words, craft them and make them drip with a beautiful intensity.


NON-FICTION: Who says real cannot be a best-seller? Not me - I've worked on medieval studies and memoirs in Afghanistan.
I will fact-check and enliven your autobiographical, historical, cultural, political or scientific work so it is a joy to read.

GHOSTWRITING: As an ex-journalist, I love to squeeze the best bits out of people. So put your feet up and have a cuppa while I ensure that your voice is loud and clear (or whispery and mysterious).

SCRIPT WRITING & TREATMENTS: Full-length feature films, shorts, documentary narration, TV series, radio and audiobooks.

Whatever you need, I will be there every page, chapter, storyboard and step of the way.
And it will be a glorious and productive ride.


Now please tell me all about your baby... I promise not to bite...


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