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(As Chief Copywriter & Editor)


 “Juliet has given us exactly the voice that our company needed.
She makes our international communications stand out ~ from blogs to press releases, product descriptions and awards submissions. Her writing is original, informative, to the point and has just the right pinch of humour.

What I find particularly invaluable is that she is genuinely interested and wants to deeply understand technical subjects like API integrations and facial recognition in order to transform them into something understandable and light. Without prompting, she checks facts and ensures coherency and consistency across our entire brand.
We've had more readers return to our website than ever before... Brilliant
proof of her work!”

~ Zuzanna Rachowska, Senior Project Manager, fielddrive

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(As Chief Copywriter & Editor)


"As a French multi-instrumentalist and entrepreneur with my own online music teaching business, Juliet has been an incredible help. She got to know me, my work and, more importantly, my voice, from Day 1. She is super-professional, passionate about her work, friendly, fast and really knows her stuff - an awesome person to work with!

Juliet has assisted me with writing thoughtful, well-researched, SEO-led articles, fun blog posts, social media posts, email/funnel marketing, promotion of new courses, video scripts, t-shirt slogans and sections of my website, including persuasive speech for the landing and sales pages.

Juliet is essential for anyone like me whose native language is not English. She has an amazing grasp of her language and uses it in imaginative and productive ways. She's also great at self-managing, which takes the pressure off and saves me time to focus on other areas of my business.

Juliet isn't just a member of my team, she is like family. Now the bigger projects are wrapped up, I really miss working with her each day.
She deserves every success!"

~ David Charrier, Founder,

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(As Author Mentor)


"I highly recommend Juliet for all budding scribes, those stuck at a crossroads or those in the grip of writer’s block. Three years ago, I wondered if I could ever be a writer when I signed up for her help. In following her creative guidance and deceptively informal approach, I formed a steely intent to get the best out of me and onto the page. 

Since her workshops, I have had a dozen short stories and a novella published, have written three novels, am agented and have a
two-book deal.

Juliet kick-started all this, she is still an invaluable support and I’m so grateful."
~ Katherine Hutton, Author

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(As Book Editor/Translator)


(As Content, Design & Brand Manager)

"As a musician, composer, educator and founder of The Frame Drum Academy, I employed Juliet at the start of 2020 to help with the Academy website landing pages, social media posts, Ads and complex sales funnel emails. I directly attribute increased student numbers to Juliet.


She then assisted with my album launch ~ from editing the CD cover and re-shaping my bio to eye-grabbing FB copy and music magazine pitches.
I was so impressed, I asked her to join me on a long-term basis.


Now 2023, Juliet helps each week with every aspect of my business. Her work generates and retains revenue and she is worth her weight in gold.

I call Juliet my Word Ninja! She has contributed fantastic SEO-driven blog articles, thoughtfully-crafted newsletters, engaging social media posts and successful Ads. Her help with my correspondence, particularly challenging student comms where trouble-shooting and/or subtle sales pitches are required, has been invaluable. Her ability to generate amazing copy really fast, in a consistent tone-of-voice that reflects me and my business, not only impresses me but also lightens my workload as everything she delivers is flawless. In addition, she has the gift to quickly assess what is required, adapt, and write/shape the content for whatever I send her way.


Her skillset is AMAZING. Far more than being an excellent copywriter, Juliet is a Pro with marketing and sales, strategies for social media, website re-design, new courses & workshops, webinars, video scripts, vlogs, image sourcing & editing, legal advice and overall strengthening of my brand. I trust her totally, rely on her and ask for her guidance regularly.


Above all, I know Juliet has my back and puts my business first. She is dedicated, responsible and thorough ~ always going the extra mile to edit tied-in content and provide suggestions for improvement. She is completely dependable and never misses a deadline, no matter how busy she is, which means a lot to a small business-owner like me.


I am so grateful and honored to have Juliet on my team. She is not only a professional asset, but a joy to work with ~ a genuine, honest, caring and generous soul who I truly value and look forward to talking to each week.
I cannot wait to work with her again this year and beyond!'
~ Marla Leigh Goldstein, Founder,

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(As Website and Book Editor)


"It is amazing to work with Juliet! She completely understands what you need, plus - more importantly - what is needed, and is able to find incredible solutions to all problems.


This year, I've asked for her help twice: once to translate, edit and improve the layout/navigation of my Italian website; once as Editor of my book. 


Throughout these projects, Juliet has researched, written, re-written and re-organised, given me lots of expert guidance on content, titles, layout, copyright, legal etc and gone beyond what I asked for, making everything more customer-friendly, eye-catching, professional and confident. 


The English version of my book is 10,000,000 times better, more useful and more interesting to read than the Italian one.
I cannot wait to see it in print!


Also, my English website is now easier to understand and fun and simple to browse, the shop is more prominent and her descriptions of my work, categories and bio are simply perfect.


I cannot recommend a better person than Juliet Staveley for all your editing and marketing needs."
~ Pam Marinelli,

Author of The Power of Plants

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(As Website Editor/Designer)

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"Finding a website editor who is a consummate professional,
who knows how to make magic with the 26 letters of the alphabet and whose comments, advice and suggestions are conveyed in such a way that you find yourself nodding along, was not at all easy.

Juliet's edits (text, design, marketing, SEO and navigation) were fabulous - My site has been totally transformed.

If you’re on the fence about working with Juliet, climb off it right now. She’s incredible!
~ Alex Frederickson, Documentary Photographer,

"Juliet Staveley worked for me over several months as my Book Editor, translating and re-writing my published Italian book in English.

I found her extremely efficient, professional and friendly. She was respectful of my brief and needs, delivered to a very high standard ahead of the deadline and maintained a great level of communication throughout. She was a delight to work with and I hope to work with her again soon." 

~ Roberta Mombelloni, Author

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